Colin Pearce

From Egs Mayhem

Brief Description

Colin is a 33 year old human male. Before the Crossover War he was a successful liberal lawyer. He joined up as a combat medic during the war, only to retire from the Defence Force after the final battle. He then moved to the country and has recently got engaged.

Physical Description

A handsome, well built man, Colin has short brown hair, with a curl over his forehead, brown eyes and a strong chin. He also has a very pleasing smile, which he uses often.

Clothing wise, Colin prefers simple but tasteful business suits when at work, jumpsuits or sports wear when relaxing, and obvious his uniform when he was at war.


As stated before, Colin is a liberal. Not a total bleeding heart one, as he did join the Defence Force. However, he is definitely someone who believes violence is a last resort. And as a dedicated and highly skilled negotiator, this is normally the case.

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